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Quilt Services

Specialty Quilting Services

Basting Services -

If you or your group like to do hand quilting, we can baste your quilt top, batting and backing together for a nominal fee. This is a much faster process and you won't have to pin or hand bast your 3 layers together to hand quilt.
This is also based on the square inches of your quilt top.
  Measure the width and length of your top and multiply to get the total square inches.
We can bast your 3 layers together for $.0075 per square inch.
The basting is approximately 3" - 4" apart.
Please call us with questions on your basting needs.


Quilt Label Services -

We can create printed or embroidery quilt labels once your quilt is complete and hand applique the label to the back of your quilt.
This service is $25.00 per label.
(For embroidery labels the characters are a maximum of 50)
We can do extended labels if needed


Quilt Sleeve Services –

We can create quilt sleeves for the back of your quilt for those who like to hange your quilt from the backing.
we will create a full or split sleeve that is hand stitched to the back of your quilt. We can use a fabric that compliments or matches the backing fabric.
This is based on the length of the sleeve. This is 20 cents per linear inch. (same as our binding)
Example of a 60 inch quilt Sleeve hand stitched on the back of your quilt is approximately $25.00.

Custom Quilts –

We love to create Custom quilts here at Woodside Quilting. We will consult with you on the type and size of your quilt and even be your personal shopping consultants.
Costs: Each Custom quilt is based on the size, fabric cost, complexity of the pattern for the top, batting, quilting pattern, quilting thread and binding service we complete.