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Are you a piecer (or appliquer), but not a quilter? 
Let us do the quilting for you on our state-of-the-art long-arm quilting machines.
We have 3 Long-Arm quilting machines and 6 Long-Arm quilters so our wait time is significantly less than most shops or long arm quilters. 

We specialize in long arm quilting services that save you time! We treat your quilt as if it were our own, using quality materials, attention to detail and proficient stitching techniques. At Woodside Quilting, we'll finish your quilts in a professional, timely they're ready for gift giving, or your own personal enjoyment!

It's as simple as mailing or dropping your quilt off at the store,
selecting your batting, quilting pattern, thread color and let us do the work for you.
We can also finish your quilt with beautiful machine OR Hand stitched binding. 
Our Quilting patterns are not on line at this time but we are working on adding them. 

If you have quilting questions, Please give us a call at 515 777-3500

We know a lot of hard work goes into finishing a quality quilt top,
so our number one goal is to complete your quilt top with beautiful quilting! 

We thank you for the opportunity to help make your quilt top a work of art!

We now offer hand binding on the back of your quilts.
We will make the binding, machine sew it to the front and hand bind it to the back of your finished quit.

We only accept quilt tops with high quality quilt shop fabrics in your quilts. We do not accept quilt tops with knit or jean fabrics for quilting.
We are no longer accepting polyester batting at this time. 

Guidelines For Best Longarm Experience

After putting numerous hours towards creating a beautiful quilt don’t shortcut your longarm quilting.

We only do Edge to Edge quilting. We do not do Custom Quilting at this time. 

To get the best results for having Woodside Quilting quilt your quilt tops.

  •        Quilt tops should be made of high quilt shop quality 100 % cotton fabrics. 
  •        Seams need to be 1/4  inch.
  •        For pieced borders/blocks must stabilize the seams so they do not come open (this can be accomplished by sewing 1/8 inch all the way around your quilt)
  •        Seams must be firmly pressed (this helps the quilt to lay better making quilting better)
  •        Check the quilt for seam breaks
  •        Clip loose threads on the quilt top and back
  •        Quilt top needs to be free of embellishments (such as buttons, charms. pins. etc.)
  •        Bulky seams can create quality issues
  •        Press the backing
  •        Backing needs to be 10” larger than the quilt top (quilt top 60”X70” the backing needs to be 70”X80”)
  •        If you need the quilt done by a certain date (for a wedding, graduation, birthday, etc.) give the quilter plenty of time to complete your project. Plan ahead and check what the wait time is for quilting.
  •        Remember we have a “Hanger Service” You can call the shop and ask to have a hanger placed in line while your finishing your quilt. This can only be held for 30 days. 


T-shirt quilts


  •        Issues with t-shirt quilts are the fabric that is on the shirts can sometimes make skipped/long stitches.  Bulky fabric (pockets, button planks, etc.)

There is certain fabric that we do not accept.

  •        100% Polyester batting
  •        100% Polyester backings 
  •        Quilt tops made of Denim
  •        There are other fabrics that our machines will not sew. If your sewing machine is having problems sewing certain fabric chances are that our machine could have the same issue.

Here is our Quilting form below we use to help us finish your quilt. 

You may print this form and bring it in with your quilt top.
Please complete the basic information to help us expedite your quilting service. 
Thank you

Click here to download the .PDF form 

Store address:
  5360 NE 14th St. Ste A
Des Moines Iowa 50313

Store hours: 
Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Phone 515 777-3500