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Nebula Voyage

Welcome to our Nebula Voyage and "Blast Off" Party! 

Have we got a fun line up to our Nebula Voyage for you! 
We have created a Space theme for our group of travelers on this Voyage and we think it will be a fun trip! 

 Please welcome Jo Mostrom as our Nebula Voyager Captain! Jo will take us on a journey you will never forget.
Her years of expert sewing, piecing and quilting experience will safely take you on a journey to Nebula. 
Jo will guide us through space and dodge all those meteors and space "junk" that may get in your sewing field of sight. She will provide tips and tricks on how to best cut, press, handle and sew your pieces together as well as joining and butting bias seams and fabric placements. 

So we are having a "Blast Off" Party to get you started on your Voyage to Nebula. Saturday Jan 2nd from 9:00 AM - Noon. 
Jo will have a "warm up" project to help those who maybe a bit nervous on piecing all these blocks, seams and bias. This is a small simple table topper you will be able to complete that day. Once class is over at noon, you can stay and sew the rest of the day till 4:00 and get help and meet everyone on our Space ship to Nebula. It may be a bumpy ride at times, but trust Jo and she will guide you though till the end. 
Then our first class is January 23rd 9:00 am - noon again. Our first stop is the planet Mercury. We will be doing some trivia questions during class so before class "bone up" on your Mercury planet trivia because for each class and Planet stop we will be giving away fun prizes to whoever has the correct answers.
And we mean great fun prizes like, Tula FQ's, charm packs, Jaybird patterns and much more.

Each monthly class will be either in person or virtual, your choice and you can sign up in the store or online under classes. There is a $20 charge for each class.
We will have a voyage to another planet for each class as we move to each Block of the Month and get to our "Star Burst" of Nebula.

Join us for some fun space travel on our Nebula me it will be an "Out of this World" experience!!