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IPTV - Quilts of Valor

IPTV - Quilts of Valor "On Eagles Wings" Event Workshops

A Quilts of Valor Salute! 

Saturday March 9th Warren had the profound opportunity to be with Marianne Fons (of Fons and Porter Love of Quilting) and Travis Graven (IPTV) to help with pledging for the Quilts of Valor II special for Iowa Public Television during their Festival Pledging week. Warren thoroughly enjoyed it and it is a passion of his to support both IPTV and the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Marianne, who Warren has worked with many times on QOV projects made him feel welcome on the show. 
This is a quilt Warren designed specifically for this show and their pledging event to support IPTV and the Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOV). 
 The quilt is called

 "On Eagles Wings"

 Anyone can easily make this Quilt of Valor. 

The show airs again Saturday May 25th at 3:00 PM on Iowa Public TV (IPTV).

Please watch and call or get online and support IPTV and the Quilts Of Valor Foundation®. 
Here is a link to IPTV website for your pledging. 

Or call 800-728-2828 and speak with a customer service representative to pledge.

For $25.00 a month on going or $300 this pledge allows you
1 Ticket to Quilts of Valor Under Our Wings Workshop.
Marianne Fons will be paying us a visit to see our progress and cheer us on just like on the QOV II show with Alex Andersen and Mark Lapinski.  

Saturday, June 8 or 22, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Woodside Quilting, Des Moines
Includes the quilt kit and pattern for "On Eagles Wings." 
You will take home a completed quilt top!

Pledge Level: 
You may also pledge at other levels on the website or calling by IPTV but
I'm sure you don't want to miss this exciting and exclusive event! 

Thank you! for supporting Quilts of Valor programs and 
Iowa Public Television!