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  • Brown Bag Mystery 2024

    It's time for the Brown Bag Mystery 2024!
    "Piece of Cake" is the title of this years Brown Bag Mystery.
  • Karen Montgomery has done it again with a beautiful pattern. 
    We have selected a number of absolutely beautiful fabrics that blend well together in this gorgeous mystery pattern. 
    We have a number of Brown Bags to choose from for YOUR mystery quilt. The main focus fabric is tied to the top of our "Brown Bag"  so if you like that main print.... you will love the coordinating fabrics to go with it inside!

    Here are some of the rules for the Mystery quilt.
  • February 1st. Brown Bag Sales can begin.
    Clue #1 is MAILED March 16th.
    Clue #2 is MAILED, March 30th.
    Clue #3 is MAILED, April 13th.
    Clue #4 is MAILED, April 27th.
  • Clue #5 is MAILED, May 11th. and the Big reveal

    All Clues are mailed on the dates above and NOT before. Video Clues will be uploaded to the Facebook page before 6am EST.
    February 12 Facebook page goes live for everyone who joins the FB group with Welcome video.

    FaceBook Group - 
    This group is a PRIVATE group just for those who have purchased their BBM from participating stores.
    We need to let Karen know you are wanting to join otherwise you will NOT be let in the group. 
    The private Facebook group is open to anyone that has purchased a Brown Bag Mystery from a participating shop.
    To join the group, you must have a Facebook account.
     Connect to Facebook and search for the "Piece of Cake" group by typing the group name in the search bar .
    - Click the blue "JoinGroup" button.
    - Answer the required question "Where did
    you purchase your bag?".
    - Please allow up to 7 days for your
    membership to be approved.
  • Once you have joined the group be sure to post a photo of your Brown Bag fabrics and tell the group where you bought your bag. 
  • Video classes for each of the clues will be uploaded by 6am (eastern) on the Saturdays the clues are released. Additional videos will be added to the group page as needed. Feel free to post photos, ask questions and participate in the group activity. There will be much more "free stuff" during the Facebook sessions. Karen has LOTS planned for all of you. More table runner patterns and much much more!
  • Have fun and enjoy the mystery!

    Woodside Quilting's "Brown Bag Mystery's" for 2024
  • See our bags planned for this years Brown Bag Mystery.
  • Each of the bow ties on top of the bag represent the main print and the rest of the fabrics inside will be coordinates
  • inside the bag along with a background.
  • The size of the quilt for this year is 60" X 70 
  • And will go on sale February 1st at midnight!
  • We have limited supplies of each bag so get them while they last.
  • To purchase a Brown Bag Mystery Quilt kit, click on the title below after February 1st.

    BBM 2024 Jason Yenter
       BBM 2024 Sue Penn
    BBM 2024 Stars
               BBM 2024 Spring

         BBM 2024 BBM 2024 Pine Cones              
    BBM 2024 Sunshine
    BBM 2024 Blue

    BBM 2024 Counterpoint