Tula Pink and Pinkerville fabrics


PINKERVILLE Fabrics!!!!!!

We are excited to carry the entire line with pre-cuts and 108" wide backs of Tula Pink's new line 

It's HERE!!!


Attention Tula Troops, Pinkerville has been out for a little while now, and we want to see what you have done with it! Introducing the Pinkerville Challenge. 


The person who is able to pony up the perfect Pinkerville project will win a coveted Pinkerville Unicorn patch!


The first place winner in each category will win a Pinkerville fabric look book signed by Tula Pink (3 total)


Not sure you want to enter the challenge? that's okay! You still have a chance to win a prize if you simply stop by and cast your vote. Four (4) winners will be drawn and receive a Pinkerville precut or a mini fat quarter bundle

Starting June 1-8, drop off your completed Pinkerville project at Woodside Quilting. All entries will be put on display in our Pinkerville Hall of Fame! June 10-21 everyone will be able to vote on their favorite projects. Finally join us June 28 for a Pinkerville Party where we will reveal all winners!

There are three categories you can enter, and please only one entry per person. You are welcome to use whatever fabric you wish, but a major portion or the focus fabric must be Tula Pink's Pinkerville. The project must be finished and made by you (with proper credit if quilting is done by another.)

Quilts - throw size and larger,Minis - crib and smaller, Non Quilts - bags, clothes etc.

Did you or do you plan to buy your fabric from us?
Each time you spend $40 on Pinkerville fabric with us, you will be entered in a drawing for the chance to win 25% discount on quilting with Woodside's Quilting Service* or a Pinkerville fat quarter bundle! Entry in the Pinkerville Challenge is not required for this drawing. 

(*Quilting discount does not include thread, batting or binding*)

Get those creative juices flowing! We can't wait to see what you make with this amazing fabric!

In Her own words.......... Pinkerville
 is a state of mind. When I design fabric, I retreat into an imaginary world of my own creation. I call that place Pinkerville. In this collection I am inviting you to join me on a journey through my own delusion! This is a place where all things are possible. Each piece in this collection is named after an attribute that is required for entrance. The Swan is your tour guide to Pinkerville as she holds the keys to the kingdom, so her print is named “Gate Keeper.” The Unicorn print is titled “Imaginarium” because this place requires a devotion to the imagined, a willingness to invent and accept things that may or may not be real. A pattern of marbled water conceals a lovable lake monster (among other things!) in a print called Blind Faith because it is a magical thing to believe in something so hard that you can turn innocuous things like shadows into evidence of the fantastic! A but­terfly conceals the face of an owl in a print titled “Enlightenment” as she is the watcher, the all-seeing eyes of Pinkerville. A delicate weaving of lace flowers makes up the print titled “Delight,” a healthy appreciation for beauty is always welcome here. A print of overlapping fans named “Serenity” reminds you to be calm and relaxed here, take it all in, there is plen­ty of time. Worry and anxiety are never welcome in Pinkerville. Finally, there is Fairy Dust that adds just a sprinkle of rainbow magic to tie it all together! Welcome to my world, the space between my ears, the water is warm so shed the heavy baggage of reality and dip a toe into Pinkerville!

Tula Pink
is an illustrator, a fabric designer, a quilter, an author, a maker and a generally good person. Tula graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. Tula's main function in life is fabric design. She lives for it. Her signature designs have been adapted to fabrics, woven ribbons, paper products, needlepoint kits, embroidery patterns and sewing machines and can be found in independent fabric shops and retailers all over the world. Tula is most recognized in her industries for her dark sense of humor, a flair for hiding animals in the strangest of places (artistically, not literally) and her boldly unique use of color and pattern. Tula comes from the "more is more" school of design where there is never enough space and always room for that one last thing.